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KP Alazraki Corporate Building AD11 By David Basulto

KP Alazraki Corporate Building  AD11 By David Basulto — Filed under Industrial Architecture ,Institutional Architecture ,Uncategorized , Mexico, Steel

AD11 – Offices of Alazraki KP Advertising Agency

The project for the advertising agency Alazraki KP consists of two buildings constructed at different stages. The first one was conceived as a radical intervention of an existing building by transforming its use and image, while respecting the existing structure.
The building is located facing a high speed road that contains a central sidewalk lined with tall trees. Thus the project proposes a new red body housing the lobby that forms a portico framing the ‘green’ area and that folds itself to announce the agency’s logo.

Project Details:

Salvador Macias Corona.
Francisco Gutierrez Peregrina.
Completion: 2003-2007
Location: Zapopan, Jalisco in México




























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